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Hueibin Enterprise Corp.

Custom Metal Stamping Parts Made in Taiwan !
 Hueibin Enterprise Corp. has been providing custom quality stamping parts to a variety of industries since 1976.
Hueibin Enterprise Corp based in Taiwan has a custom  turnkey solution for all your  stamping parts.We can do stamping of parts for sample and full run productions. If your looking for small runs or large we are your best bet for stamping parts.

We are your source for quality Stamping Parts and Custom Stamping Parts

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No.6 Lane 8 First Street, Ding –Hu , Tahwa Vill ,
Kuei Shan Hsiang , Taoyuan Hsien City 333 , Taiwan , R.O.C

Fax: 03-3282308
E-mail: kevin@hueibin.com